Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet this week's Creativinista...

Ringing in the year we introduce the lovely creativinista Lynn Roberts of ZoeLynn & Co. I met Lynn and instantly adored her! Here is a little info about her and ZoeLynn & Co.! Below are two samples of her darling headbands!

Ooh La La - Miss La-De-Da Headband

Zany Zoe - Mod Blooms Headband

You can find ZoeLynn & Co. Headbands in stores located in:
Charlotte, NC
Delmar, NY
Saratoga, NY
New York City, NY
About ZoeLynn & Co. :
{from Lynn's mouth} I am a stay-at-home mother of two amazing little ones ages 3 , 1 and #3 due in May (girl). I began making embellished headbands for my daughter, Zoe, just for fun. Every time Zoe went out wearing a new headband, people would always ask, "Where in the world did you buy that fabulous headband?" I would then inform them that I made it myself. People continuously told me that I should sell them and here I am a few weeks later opening up own Etsy Store selling these unique versatile headbands. My amazing and talented mom will also be adding her creations to this site in the future.

How ZoeLynn & Co. met Wild Sage:
"I met Kim and Danielle through a mutual friend and have been friends with them ever since. They are such wonderful people. I am fortunate to be able to sell my headbands at there adorable store in Delmar, NY."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Is Coming!!

Its hard to believe... but its time to start shopping!!!
Wild Sage has been very busy making lists & checking them twice . We have new styles & great gifts for all the girls in your life.

All products pictured above are available for special order. Contact us through the website & order yours today. To assure Christmas delivery we need to hear from you by Dec. 1st.

Flower Headband $12
Embellished T $18
Skirt $28

Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet this week's Creativinista...

This week we are loving to feature Cindy Clark of Cranberries and Capers. I truly LOVE every little thing she makes!! Just take a peek at this adorable basket full of goodies!

About Cranberries and Capers: {straight from Cindy's mouth} "I'm a stay-at-home mom of 3 kiddos. I got started making hair clippies when I was pregnant with my youngest (who is now almost 2). I got started and just couldn't stop! I had clippies covering every free surface in my house! I started thinking about selling them and started a blog (www.cranberriesnandcapers.blogspot.com), where I sold them mainly to family and friends at first. Then I decided to open up a etsy shop (www.cranberriesandcapers.etsy.com) and things started to take off! I was now selling to strangers, boy was that strange! Since then I've really expanded as I've offered wholesale to larger retailers and the word has gotten out. I now sell to boutiques all over the world, including Australia, Canada, Singapore to name a few. Things continue to do great and I feel very blessed to be able to do something I absolutely love! I love giving customers just what they want and find pure joy in creating and trying new things."

{check out this darling display table of more goodies}

How Cranberries and Capers met Wild Sage: "I met Kim first, through another friend...at a Halloween party actually! Then several months later I heard from her again through email and she wanted to know if I wanted to start selling my stuff at Wild Sage. I jumped at the chance to work with Kim and be part of a local, adorable boutique! Soon after, I met Danielle at the Farmers Market, where they had a booth set up. I just love them both, they're so great!"

You can purchase Cindy's fabulous little clippies and more at Wild Sage in Delmar or at her Etsy shop www.cranberriesandcapers.etsy.com

posted by Kim Savage

Monday, November 1, 2010

Market info!

Halloween is over we hope your treating, halloweenie parties and holiday festivities were an all around fun time. We had a great time ourselves and would love to share our latest write up in the Times Union. The write up is all about the Delmar Farmers Market which has to do with our start! Check it out and tell us what you think! This week we'll post another creativinista and start spreading holiday cheer!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ghost blogging and creativinista!

Tis' halloweenie and in the spirit Wild Sage is introducing our "Ghost Blogger" Kim Savage. Boo! I will be posting for the girls at Wild Sage {Kim + Danielle}. I have added a few "fun" touches to the blog I hope you like! Please browse around, post comments, add ideas for projects or contests, suggestions, sewing questions, just whatever you have to say! Say it we... because want to hear!

In the next order of business we will be picking a creativinista /creative • nista/ {one who must create or design to feed the soul}. Who should I feature first...hmm... I guess myself!


About Dabble : Dabble {homesewn goodies} is a little part of me {Kim Savage} I sew, sew, sew and come up with ideas of what I need and like. From fun aprons with rick rack {because I luv luv it} and piping {whatever I think looks pretty or funky!} to little girl pillow case dresses to sleepytime masks to little boy bowties to Christmas stockings and halloweenie treat bags! Sewing is my "me" time to create, a release from my mommy duties {I am a mommy to a boisterous 4 yr old boy and a soon to be mommy of ... we'll find out soon enough!}

How I met Wild Sage : I met Kim last February when I stopped in the store to buy fabric. I instantly felt like I knew her for years {if you know her you know what I am talking about!}, I bought my fabric and told her my plan to make a pretty apron and she told me to email her a picture. A few weeks after I sent her + Danielle my apron pic, Kim sent me an email asking if I would like to put some in the store. Of course I would! I went in to meet Danielle and was so thrilled to have met these talented women who support and encourage others to create! Since then I have been putting goodies in the store listening to suggestions from the ladies and getting inspired by their pretty little store.

posted by Kim Savage

Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn News + Store Styling!

We have been sewing hard at Wild Sage! The store is lookin' good, yes we rearranged again!! It already feels like Halloweenie is over and we are moving on to the holidays! Time flys by when you are elbow deep in sewing goodies and raising your babies! Things not to miss around here :

Our new bag design, so fun! ...

Pretty little girl skirts {a 4 yr old would love to twirl around town in one of these, to be honest I would too!}

We'll keep you posted on new products and fun things going on with Wild Sage!! Stop in the store and enjoy! Here's a glimpse!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Shop

We are feeling very lucky this week.
Wild Sage is quickly becoming a dream come true.
We have a darling shop filled with cute things that mean something to us. Every item has been hand-selected and hand-crafted.
The women behind these items are friends, some old and some new.

We have the best gifts in town, with more coming soon... Thanks to everyone who has helped make our dream into a reality.
Love, Danielle and Kim

Oh and did I mention we were on TV? It was a bit brutal... we are trying to figure out how to get it off of Tivo and onto here. Then we can all laugh together. :)