Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ghost blogging and creativinista!

Tis' halloweenie and in the spirit Wild Sage is introducing our "Ghost Blogger" Kim Savage. Boo! I will be posting for the girls at Wild Sage {Kim + Danielle}. I have added a few "fun" touches to the blog I hope you like! Please browse around, post comments, add ideas for projects or contests, suggestions, sewing questions, just whatever you have to say! Say it we... because want to hear!

In the next order of business we will be picking a creativinista /creative • nista/ {one who must create or design to feed the soul}. Who should I feature first...hmm... I guess myself!


About Dabble : Dabble {homesewn goodies} is a little part of me {Kim Savage} I sew, sew, sew and come up with ideas of what I need and like. From fun aprons with rick rack {because I luv luv it} and piping {whatever I think looks pretty or funky!} to little girl pillow case dresses to sleepytime masks to little boy bowties to Christmas stockings and halloweenie treat bags! Sewing is my "me" time to create, a release from my mommy duties {I am a mommy to a boisterous 4 yr old boy and a soon to be mommy of ... we'll find out soon enough!}

How I met Wild Sage : I met Kim last February when I stopped in the store to buy fabric. I instantly felt like I knew her for years {if you know her you know what I am talking about!}, I bought my fabric and told her my plan to make a pretty apron and she told me to email her a picture. A few weeks after I sent her + Danielle my apron pic, Kim sent me an email asking if I would like to put some in the store. Of course I would! I went in to meet Danielle and was so thrilled to have met these talented women who support and encourage others to create! Since then I have been putting goodies in the store listening to suggestions from the ladies and getting inspired by their pretty little store.

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  1. The blog looks as pretty as the shop does! Great work!